Misinformation Pandemic Update

February 2021

Still don't believe there was widespread evidence of fraud?  Click here.

"Real time documentation of the theft of the vote." - Mary Fanning

"They are stealing our country" - Mary Fanning




Misinformation Pandemic Update

January 2021

Was the election stolen?  "The people will know the truth." - Jovan Pulitzer

Watch this story about Dominion to see how they play us.

IMPORTANT: Click here to see how our votes were manipulated overseas.

More details at NationsInAction.org

    World View Weekend offers a very informative report about the events of January 6, and the cyber warfare used to perform the election fraud.


Again, it cannot be repeated enough.  We must remember that the "mainstream" media has a track record of not reporting reality.  Remember how the media "reported" about the phony Russian Collusion, and about many other manufactured charges over the last years.  We must remember!  The people behind these charges have a track record of accusing others of what they themselves do.  While they were accusing President Trump of colluding, they were in fact the ones colluding.  Now they are accusing President Trump of inciting insurrection...  Anyone who has made a sincere effort to understand President Trump, knows without a doubt that he did not advocate for violence at the January 6 gathering.  Now we are hearing reports from the media that certain groups are planning more violence.  If that is indeed happening, we can rest assured that these groups are not supporters of President Trump.


"In light of the reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind.  That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for.  I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers.  Thank You."

President Trump - Jan 12, 2020


January 13, 2020.  President Trump emphasizing need for calm, NO violence, and NO lawbreaking




Misinformation Pandemic Update

December 2020



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Learn more about how cooperation between unelected officials and foreign interests benefit America.

      Many are losing hope for the future as they see the "mainstream" media reporting that the various claims of fraud are baseless and boldly declaring Mr. Biden as the winner even though they do not have the authority to do so.  We must remember that the "mainstream" media has a track record of not reporting reality.  Wittingly or unwittingly, they are engaged in psychological warfare against the American people.  The plan is to deceive us into voluntarily surrendering our remaining liberties to the government which is increasingly controlled by alien interests whose goal is to completely dominate the American people and ultimately the world.  By alien, we do not mean nationalities or races, but rather the spirit which hates human freedom, our "unalienable Rights", the spirit which will do whatever it needs to do (fairness means nothing to it)  to dominate because it has a bottomless lust for power.  Sadly, it has become apparent that too many politicians from both parties are happy to participate in the violation of our Rights, either voluntarily or through ignorance or cowardice.  The United States government is in large part one big money laundering operation for special interest groups who do not represent us. For evidence, see the recent 5000+ page Covid relief bill.  Somewhere hidden in there is $600 per individual in exchange for the destruction of untold numbers of small businesses and lost jobs (and immense damage to humanity in general) in the name of public health.  Oh, how they care about us!  The measures taken to "protect" us against the virus were indeed themselves the pandemic, and not the virus itself, and the data clearly shows that now.  If one makes the effort to closely and independently study President Trump's character, it will become very apparent that the "mainstream" media's representation of him is heavily corrupted by various influences that do not have America's (or even the world's) best interests at heart.  By making concerted efforts to look for alternative sources of news, we will allow ourselves to see how things are unfolding from different perspectives and make up our own minds.  Divisions occur because we are not able to come to agreement about what is occurring before us.  We are being manipulated into these divisions via bad information.  The more alternative sources we are able to process, the more we will be forced to account for differences and to discern which sources tend towards withholding critical information or making outright misrepresentations. 

       As was written in the previous post, "We should not be surprised by any of the desperate actions that have been taken, and that will be taken in the coming months."  Now that we are at the end of December 2020, we can look back and see more specifically the form of these desperate actions.  There is now no doubt that the 2020 elections (and likely at least some previous elections as well) were setup to invite fraud.  It is now obvious that fraud did occur in many ways, and that the effect of the virus was magnified and leveraged to facilitate fraud.  The "mainstream" media has been telling us that there is no basis for the claims of fraud hoping that the clock will run out before too many catch on.  With a little bit of effort however, one can find numerous reports and testimonies (many of which are in the form of sworn affidavits) about specific instances of election fraud or irregularities.  The most obvious and rampant aspect of the fraud consists of all of the intentional efforts to avoid transparency.  Americans of goodwill, regardless of party affiliation, are eager to have fully accountable election processes so that there can be no doubt about the results.  We now know however that this is not the case with a good number of election officials, particularly those located in the highly disputed states.  Well intentioned election officials who have nothing to hide will not allow observers to be bullied, will be eager to have observers closely monitor every processed ballot, will be eager to share any logs, will be eager to provide a sound auditing trail, will ensure that voting processes are secure.  It is important to keep this in mind as one evaluates the various reports concerning accusations of election fraud and irregularities.  What is being hidden?  What is motivating election officials and politicians to not be eager about demanding or promoting transparency regarding OUR election processes?  Why are they hiding behind all sorts of legal gymanastics to prevent analysis of election data when there is an abundance of evidence to warrant such analysis?  Had they not setup a system that invited fraud in the first place, we would have avoided most if not all of these disputes.  Why are they so eager to allow insecure election systems to be in place?   And why are the prominent social media corporations so heavily engaged in censorship of their customers?  What are they afraid of? 

      We need to remember that those at the high levels in our government who are involved in the fraud or other treasonous activities have been exposed and are desperate for Mr. Biden to become president in order to avoid justice.  While we can hope for the best, we should not be surprised by any extraordinary events that may take place in the coming days and weeks.  President Trump is courageous, and knows what is at stake.  He will be fighting to put pressure on the corrupt and cowardly politicians to do the right thing to ensure that all fraud has been accounted for, and not only in the presidential race, but all races.  If after all fraud has been accounted for, Mr. Biden has the most votes, he will be accepted as the new president.  If President Trump has the most votes, the nation will expect Mr. Biden to accept that outcome.  And we also need to examine all of the races in the 2020 election to ensure that significant fraud did not occur in other races.  Stolen elections are not acceptable in America.  If we are going to allow our votes to be stolen, America is done.  We have to make it clear to those responsible for leading our country that we are watching them closely, and to remind them that if they allow fraud to rule our country, history will not look kindly on their irresponsibility. 

Political leaders and government officials:  Stop selling us out in exchange for some perceived earthly riches.  The short term gains that you will derive from them will not be worth the monumental disgrace that you will suffer.  We are watching closely.  Do not think that we will forget if you fail to defend our Rights.

       Please take time to click on the various links below.  If short on time, try to look at a little bit of each one to get a flavor for what is being presented.  And most importantly, if you have not already, try to find time to search on your own for alternative viewpoints and share them with others.  There is so much interesting information available.  Because of the increasing censorship, don't give up too quickly when looking for something that does not correspond to the narrative put forth by the "mainstream" media.


Interview with Sydney Powell about the massive fraud.  "There aren't even words sufficient to describe how evil, insidious and malevolent this is."



Lt. General Michael Flynn describes what he has been through the past four years



A succint summary and engaging presentation of the corruption in the government and media related to the election fraud



Visit 2020votes.info for graphs of raw election data for each state



The X22 Report provides a very alternative view.


Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google for your searches.  DuckDuckGo respects your Rights and intellignence - does not collect your data and does not manipulate search results.

Use Rumble instead of YouTube.  YouTube censors.  Rumble does not abuse your Rights and respects your intelligence.

Use MeWe instead of Facebook.  Facebook censors and thinks they own you.  MeWe respects you and your Rights.

Use Parler instead of Twitter.   Parler respects your Rights and will not deplatform you.  Twitter wants to decide for you which speech should be free.






The Misinformation Pandemic

And Its Vaccine

November 2020


"If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." - Malcolm X

"The media, they're very skillful at painting people certain ways, and it may not be who that person is at all." - Dr. Benjamin Carson

"The Devil’s cleverest wile is to convince us that he does not exist.”  - Charles Baudelaire                                    



          It has been very eye opening during these past four years to watch the usual media sources ignore the blatant criminality of high-level public officials such as those at the FBI and CIA who used their power to manufacture evidence to justify spying against the President of the United States and many around him in an effort to remove him from office.  These conspirators paid millions of dollars to obtain a manufactured dossier based on “rumors and speculation” (according to the very sources that provided them the information) and they all knew it.  And not one of them stood up to defend the President.  Not Mr. Obama, not Mr. Biden,  not Speaker Pelosi, not Senator Minority Leader Schumer, not Senator Harris, not Representative Schiff Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, not a single person in the leadership of the Democratic Party.  They all knew it was fake, and they all intentionally promoted it over a long period of time, and the world has suffered enormously from this.  And for this, nothing they say should be trusted.  The reality is that it is the establishment political class along with the media who are the colluders.  Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the last election and bury all of the evidence of corruption allowing the political swamp to continue accepting bribes from foreign interests.  Because that did not happen, that put the Democratic Party machine in a very vulnerable position which has led to all of the desperate tactics they have employed the past four years to keep the country distracted from their clandestine activities.   This puts the country in a very perilous position, because the Democratic Party machine will do anything to regain power.  So far they have not been held accountable for their treasonous behavior, and so they really have nothing to lose.  Why not try another desperate tactic?  This is why they have already claimed before the election that Mr. Biden is the winner, and will be seated as president in January.  Any other outcome will be declared illegitimate, and will be used as an excuse for promoting unrest.  If we put ourselves in their shoes, it makes perfect sense.   We should not be surprised by any of the desperate actions that have been taken, and that will be taken in the coming months.  They are counting on our ignorance and passivity to allow them to continue to expand their criminal operations.  The Russian Collusion hoax is an epic scandal which cannot be highlighted enough.  


The real pandemic is not the virus, but rather suppression of free speech and superspreading of misinformation via corrupt media outlets serving as the agents of psychological warfare waged against the American people.  Many are paid to say that the media bias is just a conspiracy theory.  The reality in life is that we are surrounded by conspiracies, and denying their existence is exactly what emboldens the conspirators.  While we certainly do not want to fall into the trap of jumping to conclusions based on flimsy information, we also do not want to dismiss real evidence just because a bunch of corrupt media outlets tell us to.  We will not hate a president just because a bunch of corrupt politicians and media outlets tell us to.  President Trump is not the unhinged and corrupt monster the usual sources would have us believe that he is.  It is obvious that he has done many good things, that he is intent on actually solving problems, and not just talking about them to gain or retain political power.  We hear lots of talk about the coarseness of his tweets, etc, but in the big picture, President Trump is a choir boy compared to the forces conspiring to remove him from office these past years. 


We need to be wary of what is coming.  The usual sources will be putting out many stories to promote discontent rather than unity, and about how President Trump wants to desperately cling to power no matter what the election results are.  Let us not be surprised if some outrageous story comes out about President Trump right before the election, or even after election day - as the Democrat Party has told Mr. Biden to not concede under any circumstances.  Remember that there was the Mueller team of Democrat lawyers who spent two years looking into Trump’s life for some excuse to remove him from office, and came up empty.  We cannot allow ourselves to be played.  The virus and skin color differences are being used to divide us.  The real problem is systemic corruption spearheaded by the Democratic Party leadership.  They are using psychological warfare to control us.  If we want to avoid being played, it is important to be informed, and be open minded about evil forces using our own instituitons against us, even our own freedom against us.  Benjamin Franklin said that freedom works for only a virtuous people.  Freedom in the hands of political criminals is to be dreaded the most, because the crimes affect so many.  The remedy for all of this is very simple.  All one has to do is make some efforts to look at alternative sources and do some accounting.  If it is difficult to do the accounting, that is okay and normal.  The main thing we want to do is not jump to conclusions too quickly and be manipulated by deception.  To the extent we can become aware of some of the more blatant lies, we can start laughing at the conspirators, and they will hide for fear of being fully exposed.  Without the ability to deceive us, they are powerless.


" One of the reasons confusion is spreading in the world is that we are afraid to face its real causes.  We believe in a thousand evils, fear a thousand dangers, but we have ceased to believe in Evil, and to fear the true Danger.”

- Denis de Rougemont


Please try to find time to watch the following videos.



How we are being deceived into hating one another in order to divide and conquer us.



Recent interview with Tony Bobolinski, a former business partner of the Biden family.  The usual sources are not reporting on this.


German doctors are at the forefront of investigating whether the reaction to the virus is proportionate to its health risks.  They created the ACU, the Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee to investigate.  The attached PDF is a transcript of this video.

The website for the ACU is



Here is one of the many interesting presentations from the site.


Another German doctor (a pulmonologist) providing his expert opinion on the virus.



Compelling interview of Dr. Judy Mikovits about the corruption of medical research.  Then do a search online and read the many articles discrediting her which seem very convincing.  Then read the article at https://www.21cir.com/2020/05/the-truth-about-anthony-fauci-featuring-dr-judy-mikovits/.  What are we to believe?  In earlier years, we might have believed the articles discrediting her, but having observed how brazenly high level officials will lie to advance their personal causes (Russian Collusion hoax, for example), and just seeing how Dr. Fauci has conducted himself this year, it would not be surprising if he did abuse his power.  One thing we know for certain about Dr. Fauci, is that he was heavily involved in gain of function research which many prominent researchers argued would facilitate the creation of very dangerous bioweapons agents.  There was such an outcry against this research that a moratorium was placed on it, and instead of completely halting the research, Dr. Fauci sneakily managed to funnel U.S. government tax payer dollars to the Wuhan lab in China to continue the research into bat virus transmission.  See https://logicandfacts.com/fauci-did-support-and-fund-creating-potential-bio-weapons-in-china/ for details.




A perspective that is rarely presented by the usual sources.




An alternative news source found here.



History has shown that big centralized government doesn't work because it breeds corruption and stifles liberty.




Some presentations on race in America



How to Fix Justice – Sydney Powell



Interview of Sydney Powell by Mark Levin




Many leaders of all races are embracing President Trump's policies.